Welcome to Sheri’s Songs!

On this site you will find various arrangements I have made. I’ve uploaded songs so that you may listen to them, and I’ve included the first page from each song so you can see an example of the sheet music. Please note that the quality of the images and sound are not the same as the final product! The images have been compressed to load quickly, and though you may click on the thumbnails and view larger images, it is still not the same quality of the original files. The sound was created on a computer, so an instrumental performance will sound better.

Full scores may be ordered and even customized for your wants/needs. Music may be adjusted for different vocal parts or instruments (For example, A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief has two versions of the same arrangement, one for tenor, one for bass. I Stand All Amazed has a vocal duet version, as well as a string trio). The included images show all parts together, though the ordered scores will include all parts together, as well as individual parts for ease in performing the pieces. Files will typically be sent as pdf, unless other file types are requested (for example, image files such as tiffs are possible).

This site is Still in it’s beginning stages, and will continue to update and change, so keep coming back!

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